Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enough is enough.

I've had enough of biting my own lips, complaining in my own head, how much I disliked this blog.

This blog so shallow, it fails to speak much about myself, failing to mirror anything beneath the surface.
It functioned as a report of what I've did.
It functioned as a publicity tool to help promote the event I'm running.

I guess, the best function I did with it,
was appreciating my friends of what they've did. :)
Of course, I do meant what I said,
they must be that great that, even when I never find time to write about my feelings or thoughts or a bad day I've been through, they seem to give me enough drive and motivation to finish up a long post about them.

However, the least I could do without is for another person to think that just because I'm Bouncy, bouncy and jumpy all the time, means I'm not subjected to the downfall of 'gravity'.
I only made a choice to rebounce quicker.

I have this weird mentality that where ever I'm present, I always want to make people Happy, it's my utmost priority and obligation.
Putting other people's happiness over my own (even by the means of making myself the dumbest girl on earth, a classic example like,"Think vienna think!" should find it's place in cinematography effect for the audience's viewing pleasure to make them happy category).

Maybe in my subconscious mind, I believe if "Everyone's happy, I'm happy", otherwise I don't know why I always want to make sure everyone's laughing and happy, hmm..
I don't know if I did made people happier, but if I'm trying too hard next time, tell me.

Finally, I suppose the name *BabyVv* doesn't do much justice for people to think otherwise, it sounded either like a bimbotic plastic girl or a cutesy wannabe.
(I didn't get this link myself!)

Now, The end of a mouthful of murmurs.

Haha, looking back, this post probably sounded pretty awful, but i'm feeling great now! that I got all my grunts, grumble, mumble out ! =D

Also, It's probably time to announce that I'm shifting to a new blog! =)
A blog that would speak more about myself.
I hope this time, I would fulfill my promise to myself.

Monday, February 2, 2009

You know, I have so much to write about.
So much thoughts to share about rather than this blog with just an egg layout with happy, jumpy, bouncy content.
It's never all that.
So much from Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar, to Youth dhamma camp, to National Youth Entrepreneur Convention to Celcom League of Extraordinary Developers which my team just won RM150k grant.

There is much more to me, things that I wished I could write about.

But being Vienna, she just doesn't allocate enough time to write.
That's about it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YDC17 :) A Seed of Hope.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a song I love on my playlist :)

My Great Mistake by Marie Digby

Everyone is in a hurry

To get up, get out, get on
When I'd rather be climbing up a tree

And trying to get some sun

Oh no no

Why the hurry

What are you chasin'

Do you even know

Don't rush me, I wanna figure this out on my own

In my own own way

Let me go, let me grow, let me fly away
cause if I don't, it'll be my great mistake

All my friends are worried

Say that I'm such a crazy girl

Cause I'm just dancin'

Don't need a reason in this crazy world

No one knows

Why you runnin'

There's no one comin'

Do you even know

Don't rush me, I wanna figure this out on my own

In my own own way
Let me go, let me grow, let me fly away
Cause if I don't, it'll be my great mistake

Days go by

Too many people

They're all the same

I wanna laugh in water

Feeling all like a child again

Don't rush me, I wanna figure this out on my own

In my own time

Let me go, let me grow, let my fly away

Cause If I don't it'll be my great mistake

Let me go, let me grow, let me fly away

Cause if I don't it'll be my great mistake.